My Vision for Amarillo

Amarillo is a city with tremendous potential in need of strong leadership and a vision for our future. The infighting at city council and lack of communication with our citizens has divided our community and distracted us from the issues that are important.

I am running to bring fresh leadership and a clear vision for our future. I am running to change the tone in our leadership and bring stability. I am passionate about seeing Amarillo grow. I want every citizen to have equal opportunity to safely live, work, learn, play, serve and prosper. To achieve this vision for our future, I am running on a platform that focuses on six critical issues:

  • Job creation and economic development
  • Safer neighborhoods
  • Better roads and streets
  • Communication and participation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fiscal Responsibility

Job Creation and Economic Development

The city council must foster an environment that encourages job and economic growth in every neighborhood of the city. I believe in the business owners in our community. We can learn from their business experience and commitment to Amarillo. To do so, I will appoint a job creation task force in each of these areas: builders and developers, small business, education and workforce development, large industry, technology, and tourism. Each task force will be comprised of local business owners and business leaders from across our community. Each task force will give input to the city council to do the following:

  • Eliminate or reduce regulations and fees
  • Cut the red tape of bureaucracy and improve efficiency in city services
  • Recruit new businesses to Amarillo
  • Work with local colleges to strengthen our workforce
  • Improve partnerships with existing entities such as the economic development corporation, the chamber of commerce, and the convention and visitor’s center
  • Attract high paying jobs to our community
  • Maximize tourism opportunities
  • Develop new and affordable housing for city growth
  • Maintain a level playing field for businesses across the community
  • Enforce city code to decrease dilapidated property and make all city neighborhoods attractive to developers

Safer Neighborhoods

It is important that the city council support our police, firefighters and first responders and give them the tools and support they need to succeed. I will work closely with our public safety leaders to do the following:

  • Hold regular “public safety” town halls with the mayor, city council members, and public safety leaders to allow citizens to voice their concerns and ideas for increased police and fire protection
  • Look for innovative ways to use technology to connect neighborhood citizens and their information about crime issues to our local officers
  • Provide regular updates on crime statistics around the community and provide safety tips and recommendations to our citizens
  • Develop leadership training courses with Amarillo College and WTAMU for our officers
  • Use code enforcement to clean up neighborhoods and graffiti

Better Roads, Streets, and Enhancing I-40 and I-27 Curb Appeal

We must have a long-term plan to fix our roads and streets and be good stewards with the bond money that was recently passed. We must also enhance the curb appeal of our interstates to help attract business and tourism. As mayor, I will do the following:

  • Develop a plan for annual and long-term repairs and maintenance of streets as well as the construction of new streets as our city grows
  • Ensure that our plan considers the needs of all citizens, neighborhoods and transit options, including buses and bicycles
  • Ensure that we are diligent and responsible in managing the bond projects approved last November
  • Negotiate an enforceable maintenance agreement with TXDOT to clean up and improve “curb appeal” along I-40 and I-27

Communication and Participation

As leaders of the city, city council members have a duty to listen to citizens about issues, concerns and solutions for the city. No one person has all the good ideas, and I believe we need to hear every citizen’s ideas. I will create more listening opportunities that include:

  • Regular neighborhood town hall meetings
  • Tele-town hall meetings to update citizens on big ticket proposals and breaking news
  • A new city Facebook and Twitter page to improve lines of communication with our citizens

Many Amarillo citizens want to participate in improving our city. We each have individual talents that can benefit, strengthen and grow Amarillo, but it is a challenge to know how to plug in and put our talents to use for our city. I will create a citizen volunteer alliance so that citizens who want to volunteer their time and talents can do so by responding to specific needs posted by the city. Every citizen can be responsible for making Amarillo even better.

Excellent Customer Service

With a change in tone comes a change in the culture of serving our citizens. Every person who calls or visits city hall should be taken care of efficiently and respectfully. I fully support our city employees and want to empower them to do their jobs and succeed. I want to improve customer service by:

  • Doing regular customer service training that emphasizes solving problems for citizens promptly and cheerfully
  • Reviewing city response systems to make it easier for citizens to access services and ask for help
  • Focusing on accurate billing for utilities
  • Improving our cyber infrastructure and technology to make city services easier for citizens to access

Fiscal Responsibility

We must be good stewards with our tax dollars and our city budget. As mayor, I will prioritize the following:

  • Look for opportunities to cut waste from our budget
  • Implement zero-based budgeting for all departments
  • Keep our tax rates and fees low
  • Work to maintain our AAA bond rating
  • Hold the city manager accountable for managing special projects like the street repair bond projects. The projects should be completed on time and on budget. The city council should regularly report to the citizens about the plans, status and results of these projects.
  • Create diagrams and summaries that simplify and explain the city budget, bonds, debts and taxes to increase citizen understanding of city funding
  • Work with local charities and state and federal leaders to address concerns about refugees. We are a compassionate community, but we are subject to real limits on how many refugees we can help.