Local Amarillo attorney announces plans to run for mayor

ABC 7 News

By: Tatiana Toomer
Amarillo attorney and local business owner, Ginger Nelson, announced her intentions to run for mayor today. Nelson currently serves on the board of the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation.

Nelson says she plans to focus on basic issues the current city government has turned a blind eye to.

“We have to get back to what’s important. We have to get back to the basics of essential city services,” Nelson told us. “We need to fix our streets and our roads. We need to grow the economy and create jobs. We need to reduce crime and support our fire department, our police department, one-hundred percent,” she continued.

Current Mayor Paul Harpole told us he has not yet decided if he will run for re-election, but plans to make an announcement sometime after the holidays.

Nelson and her husband Kevin are the parents to three children and are ready to tackle the campaign trail head on.

“Yes, we’re absolutely ready to serve and we love Amarillo and we understand that serving is sometimes challenging, but we’re up to that challenge,” Nelson says.

While Nelson is the first to announce her plans to run, she may not be the last.

Candidates have from January 18 to February 17 to officially file their applications. Early voting starts April 24, and election day is May 6.


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