2020 has been an incredibly difficult year, but I am proud of how our community has come together to meet these challenges. Despite the obstacles we’ve faced in 2020, I am extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made over the last three years, and I am very excited about what we can accomplish in the future. I know our best days are ahead, and that’s why I am seeking another term as Mayor.

  • Strong COVID-19 Leadership and Stability

    Amarillo needs stability in leadership while COVID-19 brings instability to our city. I want to continue my conservative fiscal management of city expenses so Amarillo can cover the costs of responding to COVID-19. “I am pleased with the speed that Amarillo opened its vaccination clinic, which Governor Abbott praised as a “great model” for other cities.

  • State Level Relationships and Influence

    During my time as Mayor, I have built relationships and garnered respect with leaders from across the state. These relationships benefit our City in numerous ways such as securing the Texas Tech Vet School or helping Amarillo swiftly gain access to much-needed resources in the City’s response to COVID-19.

  • Job Creation and Economic Growth

    With a focus on creating more jobs and economic growth, I played an instrumental role in bringing the Texas Tech Vet School to Amarillo. The Vet School will create 150 jobs and over $95 million in annual economic impact for the City.

  • Tight Budget and Low Taxes

    Continuing my focus on long-term growth and sustainability, I spent my time in office fine-tuning budget items to keep Amarillo’s tax rate one of the lowest in the state. During COVID-19, early 2020 budget decisions kept Amarillo from increased taxes and financial strain.

  • Increased Funding and Support for Police Department and First Responders

    While some cities in Texas have defunded police departments, I continued my strong support of Amarillo’s first responders with emphasis on funding whatever is needed to do their jobs.

  • Street and Road Improvements

    During my term, I increased funding for street and road improvements. Under my leadership, the City continues to plan for future growth while maintaining roads in all Amarillo neighborhoods.

  • Improvement in Animal Management and Welfare

    Pushing for change and improvement, I led efforts to hire interim director and consultant, Rob Sherwin. There is more work to do in this area and we need leadership to stay focused on increasing the momentum we have started.  A new surgery building opens in January which will improve spay and neuter services. A new daily report card continues to improve communication and transparency about shelter operations.

  • Neighborhood Redevelopment

    Under my leadership, Amarillo began the implementation of several Neighborhood Redevelopment Plans, including the North Heights, Barrio, and San Jacinto Neighborhoods. Through implementing these plans, the City partners with neighbors who live in each neighborhood to enhance the quality of life of the neighborhood and build communication between neighbors and the City.

Moving Forward

While much has been accomplished, I am seeking re-election because Amarillo needs continuity and experience to build on what has already been started. There is much more to do. As Mayor, I will continue to make COVID-19 our top priority. At the same time, I understand that we must look forward to projects that improve local quality of life and our economy. That’s why, in my next term, I will focus on the following areas:

  • High Speed Internet Access for All Citizens

    I’ve asked city staff to put together a proposal that would give every citizen in Amarillo basic access to a city-wide high-speed network at no charge. With this quality of life benefit, businesses can recruit employees to Amarillo, and students all over the city can have equal access to high-speed internet. With this network, we could recruit people to live in Amarillo but work (remotely) anywhere.

  • Focused Improvement at Animal Management and Welfare

    We are making true progress on improving our animal shelter. There is more work to do in this area and we need leadership to stay focused on increasing the momentum we have started.

  • Bringing Jobs and More Economic Opportunities to Amarillo

    The Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine was a tremendous win for our city. However, we are just getting started on making the most of the opportunities it will bring. We need established relationships with leaders across the state and the nation to recruit pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical research businesses and jobs to our city. I’ve spent the last three years developing many such relationships and want to use this influence to bring these jobs and businesses to Amarillo.

  • Making it Easier for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

    I want to continue improving customer service at City Hall and making it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to do business here.

  • Backing the Blue and Creating Safe Neighborhoods

    I will continue to focus on reducing crime and making sure our neighborhoods are safe. I will always support our police, and I will continue looking for ways to provide them with additional funding and manpower as they work to keep our community safe.

  • Continuing Improvement of our Streets and Roads

    While I know the construction has been an inconvenience, the street improvements were badly needed and will benefit us in the future. We must continue with long term planning and commitment to our streets, roads and infrastructure.

Mayor Hotline and Feedback

As Mayor, I want to hear from you. I value your ideas as we continue to create an agenda that will improve the lives of our local citizens for years to come. I welcome emails at or calls to my Mayor Hotline at (806) 378-6445 during normal business hours.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my vision on running for another term as mayor. I have relied heavily on the support of friends like you over the past few years, but especially so in 2020— a historically challenging year on many fronts.

Kevin and I will always remember how you helped us continue to serve our city in such an important time.

You can donate using the button below, or if you prefer, you can send a check made out to “Ginger Nelson for Mayor” to 301 S. Polk St. Box 37, Amarillo, Texas 79101. Thank you for your support!